These words need to be indelible, incapable of being removed, easily erased or washed away. It thus makes what follows a permanent writing. This was intentionally written this way. I want to impact each reader and ask all viewers to think deeply on how the story almost would not have been written. What happened, happened because a group of radical individuals ignored, altered, falsified, hid and destroyed writings that in 1963 could have prevented John F. Kennedy’s, the 35 the President of the United States, from being murdered.

As the reader reaches the end of the book, he or she will come to realize that as the writer, I first took a number of different pieces of information and built this investigation. Many years later I was encouraged by dear friends to “write a book”. One of the most important discoveries was that “Lee Harvey Oswald DID NOT fire a shot at the Texas School Book Depository. He did not assassinate President Kennedy.” The information to prove this was there, for anyone to put together, to come up with the same conclusion that I did. It was a difficult investigation because those pieces were in different places at different times, which is why I and the average public missed the facts.

I was fortunate to have worked several key investigations, first regarding threats against President Kennedy prior to and during the week of November 13, 1963, then, again on November 22, 1963 when he was killed. Later in June 1964, seven months after that assassination, I was assigned to and worked the assassination in Dallas, Texas. Later, fifty-seven years passed and I remained involved, during much of that time it was my life.

I mentioned radical individuals earlier, and the reader’s first thoughts had to be what type of criminal(s) would they have been? As the reader explores the book, he or she will find that these radicals were not any of the criminals who were involved in the killing of the President. I am talking about the RADICALS in various government agencies within the City, County, State and most importantly the Federal Government that made it possible for the criminals to do what they did. It was a small group of Police Officers, Supervisors, Sheriff Deputies, Secret Service Agents, FBI Agents, FBI Supervisors, and high up into the FBI to John Edgar Hoover himself, and  then to the very office of President, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

When the life of the President of the United States is no longer esteemed and respected by his fellow man that they have the nerve to kill him, then the respect for the quality, the worth and honor of life is valueless.

- Donald A. Adams